Websites That Got Better


Having worked in the industry for ten years, web development and design is something I care about.  Especially when it comes to spending taxpayers money.

Some things in life aren’t about opinion – but factual things like loading times, color schemes being easier on the eyes than others, absence of long paragraphs of text etc.  So I decided to compile a list and show some before and after photos of various official websites of governments etc, that are built from public taxes.

The White House

Dubya’s Whitehouse website was far better than the previous.  But it still sucked compared to Obama’s.

whitehouse-1 whitehouse-2

 10 Downing Street

Again… no opinions needed – just a statement of the facts.  Crappiness to responsiveness wins every time.  Their webmaster needs to be fired because there’s no ‘A’ record to reach this website without the triple WWW.

10 Downing Street - Tony Blair 10 Downing Street - David Cameron

Government of Canada

This is probably my favorite redesign.  Responsive and easy to navigate. Incidentally – the Canadian Prime Minister’s website has always sucked.

Government of Canada - 2010 Government of Canada - 2015


Neither design is responsive – both are lacklustre – but at least the second is an improvement over the first.

Kremlin - 2006 Kremlin - 2015Sweden

At first look I thought this was junk.  Kinda hate the front page – maybe it’s the ridiculous side menu.  But this is actually my favorite.  The responsiveness on the second one is amazing, and you can tell someone younger was in charge of this project.  Well done Sweden.

Sweden - 2005 Sweden - 2015

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