Web Designing and Notepad

I’m a web designer by trade. It’s what I do for a living and what I do to bring in a meager income to partially support my children.

So many times I read about web designers bragging that they still code their html in Notepad. About 95% of people making this claim are flat-out lying. Only a moron with NO BRAINS and no time-management skills would code an entire website solely in Notepad.

I know from experience… being in the field that web designers use programs like Coffee Cup, Web Studio, Dreamweaver, GoLive and Homesite. Some archaic douche bags still use Frontpage but they’re in the minority.

Some people might code SOME of their html in ‘code’ view in these HTML editors, but they do it much like me. If I’m doing a complexed layout using CSS design instead of tables, then I’ll type the html by hand and keep checking it in WYSIWYG view. But most people still use tables which suck. There’s VERY FEW situations when a table is a necessity but mostly they’re crap and are horrendous for search engine optimisation. Anyone using them for a website layout in this day and age knowing there is something better just needs a slap.

So please… if you’re claiming you use Notepad please stop lying because the chances are that you don’t (at least to make complete websites).

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