A Blog Post About Blogging

Of late I’ve started to fall in love with WordPress. The sheer amount of functionality provided out of the base package, combined with the awesome power of the hundreds of plugins is definitely making my life more fulfulling.

I recently heard about a guy who earns a six-figure income from blogging. No doubt I would LOVE to do that… even though the $451 a day he earns from Google Ads dwarfs my approximately $7 per day… I would blog if I made no money and nobody EVER came to my website.

For instance… my day job is as a web developer. Content management systems are a huge part of what I do every day. I’ve tried all of the major ones. My boss was very apprehensive on using WordPress in a professional environment as a CMS. It took the crashing of a server with Drupal on it and the time it took me to construct that site, to get him to agree to have the same site rebuilt in WordPress.

On my WordPress Plugins page, I’ve listed all of the WordPress plugins I use on various personal websites. So far I’ve used nearly all of them on work-sites in the last three weeks that the boss has agreed to allow WordPress in the workplace.

The flexibility and raw power is making WordPress one of the great loves of my life. I’m not really sure what makes me feel like this either hahahaha. Maybe it’s just having that administrative control to do what I want, where I want and how I want.

I can tell anyone out there who’s considering building a static OR interactive website with one of the major ones like Drupal, Joomla, PHPNuke, PostNuke, Xoops or anything else… FORGET that. Use WordPress. The plugins are where it’s at.

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