Somebody that offends me

I reverted to Islam a while back.  It feels right.  Every so often I go surfing on Youtube for videos.  Today I was surfing about other reverts.  This video is a former 12yr veteran of the British Army infantry.

As a Muslim I find this idiot abrasive – I’m quite certain if I was within law enforcement in the United Kingdom, I’d be conducting covert surveillance on this guy.  There’s one or two extremely subtle and barely noticeable things he says that sound not unlike the beginnings of extremism.  I hope someone is keeping an eye on this bloke.

2 Responses

  1. Coussy Cat says:

    woogity boogity
    its cause hes white u racist

  2. Ryan Paul says:

    Actually no – it’s because he’s an extremist just waiting to happen.

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