Worst Birthday Ever

I’m not really sure today could be a worse day. Today was my twenty-seventh birthday and it sucked.

I woke up barely being able to see or breath because of my allergies. I had to take half a day off work.

When I got to work my boss was in a pissy mood which I’m getting real sick of. He’s always on the lookout for the tiniest little things and when he finds something he always make an issue out of it. The problem is I REALLY love my job.

I’ve misplaced my cell phone which means someone probably stole it. I lose a lot of stuff so I’m not sure if I left it somewhere or if someone ripped me off. I’m going to see if I can get one of those mp3 cellphones. I can use that while I’m at the gymnasium lifting weights.

I thought that today I’d be able to do whatever I wanted without stress from anyone, simply because it’s my birthday, but I was wrong, wasn’t I?

Someone on Yahoo! Messenger asked me today if I was thinking of suicide yet. I was amazed they’d asked.

I wish I’d gotten to speak to my sister or Susie today. That would’ve at least made things bearable.

Severe depression is the word of the day.

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