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I’ve been thinking lately about where I want my blog to go. I’ve been looking at and recently submitted my blog to I even did something which I vowed I would never do and that’s put advertisements on my website. I’m not really sure why I did it… maybe for another source of revenue as I don’t early nearly enough. But that’s not working out so not sure what to do.

I don’t get a WHOLE HUGE amount of traffic. I even briefly considered scrapping it altogether but then told myself I was fecking nuts and cleared that thought from my head immediately. Then I realised… by jove, I actually need my blog. It’s a source of stress relief for me – my style of blogging is quite literally what I am thinking as I think it. Although I can’t put 100% of what I’m thinking on here because of my domestic situation, there is about 98%. So don’t you worry all of you millions that love my blog 😛 it’s not going anywhere.

I’ve created some pages on some subjects I find interesting… such as the Nazi history of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip. Then the page about Michael Abney-Hastings who should be the legitimate monarch of Great Britain.

I often ask myself the question of why should anyone pay homage or revere, or have someone deemed to have a higher social worth simply because they’re related to someone who was a bloodthirsty murdering tyrant in the past? The Royal Family brings in close to one billion pounds of revenue from tourism every year – awesome!

I read a story on BBC News about a Pakistani woman who was boning this guy in England who was married to someone else and had a son. The woman resented the baby as a threat to her relationship and killed him by torture… slicing open his legs so his veins and tendons were showing. The baby had a broken thigh, shin and three broken ribs. This is one of those stories that literally had my pulse racing and made the rage in me fester even harder It’s those sort of philistines that deserve the death penalty by stoning. That stupid bitch would never have done that in Saudi Arabia or in China.. or Thailand. She comes to England to exploit our system of justice and murders a baby and doesn’t get convicted of murder. I don’t care what anyone thinks… I hope a vigilante grabs that woman by her hair one night, wraps it around her neck, ties her to the bedpost and throws her out the window so she hangs herself.

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