Haughty Cop, Paranoid Cop

I needed to ask a law enforcement officer some questions about owning firearms in Canada, how they are registered etc.   I explained that in theory if I’d gotten a firearm from a friend, who gained it legally how would I go about registering it.. or handing it in until I could get a firearms licence. He gave me a haughty look and said something about do I understand why he would be getting suspicious.   I replied that I didn’t… and he brought up what I’d said to a couple of police officers in the Kenora Court House about two days before.

This guy called Bruce Montague is challenging the Federal Firearms Act which in a nutshell prevents the possession of firearms for self defence.   I went into the courthouse a couple of days ago to pay a fine and appeal the amount.   On walking through the door, I saw a notice that said anyone going into the Montague vs Crown trial would not be permitted to carry bags, purses, long coats etc.   It’s quite obvious why which got me thinking that there is an overall lack of security at the Kenora Courthouse.   I watch CourtTV all the time and see programs where in the U.S courts… there’s ALWAYS an armed presence whether its security guards, court sheriffs, or other peace officers.   Immediately I wondered what the hell I’d do if some nutcase came into the courthouse guns blazing as I’d be caught in the crossfire.   So I asked a couple of the cops who were sitting waiting to give evidence what was stopping a disgruntled lunatic walking into the courthouse and blowing the judge’s head off.   One plain clothes copper said ‘us.   we’re always ready to kick ass’.   I replied ‘so you should be’ and walked away thinking that was the end of it.

As I was walking back through the court out to my car, I noticed one of the coppers was following me out.   I asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted to talk outside.   He asked me for some identification which I produced and he called in my name.   Another one of the OPP constables from Dryden also followed him out.   The cop running my name stood back from me on one side… and the other plain clothes copper stood to my right.   They were extremely polite and courteous but it was obvious they were thinking I was dangerous or something.   The Dryden copper asked why I asked those questions, and I explained why.   In the end I apologised for making them alarmed and went on my way.

But the next day, on an entirely unrelated matter with questions about firearms, this Kenora OPP copper that I see at the gym often said that I’d gone in there and said ‘what was to stop me (Ryan) from blowing a judge’s head off’.   That was completely UNTRUE – I’m not sure if the coppers lied to him, or he was being deliberately obnoxious but it did irritate me people getting paranoid when I’m trying to do the right thing.

Funny thing is I asked a different cop who I’m friends with… and they answered my questions fine without one hint of paranoia.   Funny how different some people can be eh?

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