British wannabe Yanks

You have no idea how much I loathe the Yank’s influence on British culture. The only thing we have in common, aside from economic ties and our sometimes questionable military alliance, is that they speak a bastardised version of English.

Do none of these British wankers in England realise they’ll never be American? What irritated me into writing this was I was watching Craig David on Youtube talking about the making of the video ‘6 of 1 thing’. At the end he stuck up his two fingers in the American way of saying ‘peace’. That idiot knows damn well he’s British and it means something else. What’s the deal with trying to act, think and talk like an American? Wannabe punks!

Even when I lived in the States myself, I never wanted to be American and tried hard NOT to pick up any Yank habits.

Another thing that pisses me off… there’s some decent musical artists coming out of the U.K in all different genres… but what irritates me is when some of them start to become commercially successful, they slowly start to change how they pronounce words when they’re singing. Nothing I hate more than a British person trying to sing like a Yank. IDENTITY CRISIS! Just makes me wanna slap someone!

2 Responses

  1. Callum P says:

    Couldn’t agree more mate

  2. Anna says:

    yeah, but some americans are wannabe british.. ahaa.

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