Asinine People

Admitting that I am prone to fault is hard for me to admit and it’s hard for me to admit that it’s hard for me to admit that. One of my faults is that I get rather angry at asinine people trying to display a level of maturity that is beyond them. I have no illusions about how mature or immature I am… I know what I am and don’t try to change it either way.

But when I get a teen whippersnapper trying to spread a lie about me, it does tend to get my goat. On another forum, a whole bunch of stuff has happened… based mainly around topics I talk about that this poxy little ‘in-crowd’ existing of about four people don’t seem to want to talk about. Some are annoying, some I respect even though I disagree with, but some just plainly make me wanna do something silly like throw this $500 monitor through the window.

I had to write this seperately as I needed a vent.

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