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I’m a half black, and half white British-Canadian guy living in Kenora, Ontario in Canada.

I believe that each country and individual should strive to look after the greater good, and not concentrate solely on themselves.  As such I firmly believe that it is the moral duty of able bodied people and relatively stable countries to physically intervene in conflicts across the globe where religious extremism or dictatorships are in the middle of, or about to commit war crimes/atrocities.  Helping people who cannot help themselves is a moral responsibility that comes with the privilege of living in a relatively free and decent society.

I spend a lot of my time trying to explain the concept of the moral high ground. I have conviction in my beliefs and am not often swayed from them, although I am open to the possibility that I’m wrong.

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  1. nicole says:

    Very Interesting.

  2. Joe says:

    That is unfortunate. Do you feel it is particularly prevalent in Kenora? Does it go both ways? Does it create a general atmosphere of hatred across all races, even amongst themselves?

  3. Ryan Paul says:

    Well I’ve been in a few places in the world… and it most definitely IS more prevalent in Kenora than anywhere else I’ve been.

    I’ve definitely come across racism from Natives towards white people… but that was few and far between. Maybe twice in six years. I’ve seen PLENTY of resentment, anger and animosity because of how Native people in this town are treated. For instance… if First Nation people in this town simply stopped shopping here and went to Dryden, Kenora would grind to a halt. This town NEEDS First Nation people yet the population have this underlying feeling of resentment.

    I’m not sure there’s an underlying feeling of hatred… but there’s definitely an underlying feeling of resentment on both sides. Just one side has a justification for their resentment and the non-native folk have no reasonable justification. My two cents 🙂

  4. Joe says:

    I see. It must be difficult for the native population. Big changes really fast. It is the same where I am. But I think it gets into everyone’s system and they don’t even realize it. A lot of self-entitlement involved too, for a variety of reasons. More complex than I’m going to get into.

    All said, we all came out of the same pond at one point, and have now carpeted the planet. We are racing along at break neck speed and everyone needs to put the past aside and get on the with the future before there is none.

    Enough with the me, me, me. Races and individuals.

  5. Ryan Paul says:

    Putting the past aside is a good theory…

    The Prime Minister’s apology went a long way that’s for sure, as did the meagre $2billion amount of residential school payments…

    but in practice it’s a little hard for Natives to put the past aside without being treated as equals by the general population.

  6. Populist Watchdog says:

    Guys from Canada and the UK are very feminine, (not that there is anything wrong with that) gay or straight,i could care less,no insult intended.

    Guys in the USA,are to masculine (macho) they should be a little more feminine like guys in Canada and the UK

  7. Ryan Paul says:

    Guys from Canada and the U.K aren’t feminine – I think the word you are looking for is ‘gentlemanly’.

    There’s a difference between being polite, reserved with good manners and being macho – which usually involves chest beating rude manners and beer drinking 🙂

  8. Darryl Pelly says:

    I grew up in a town only five hours south of Kenora. Similar to Kenora it’s surrounded with reservations but you can see the difference only five hours away probably because it’s in the United States. So what does that say about the government here in Canada.

  9. Shelly H. says:

    Interesting little blogs you come across when your searching for something else entirely.

    I was there recently my family moved away from kenora during the mid 80’s,we used to go to lakeside bapist church and GOSH! first nations make up a good chunk of kenora’s population,I have to agree with you with if the first nations ever decided to shop elsewhere or just boycotted stores in kenora most would go out of business.

    I think right now there is a underlying current among kenora residents that this is very much possibility back in the 60’s,70’s,80’s I don’t think this was even considered but now it is.

    There is an uneasy peaceful atomsphere in kenora.

  10. Kyle F. says:

    Nice blog dude. I’ll probably be checking it out for updates every once in a while, you’ve got a lot of interesting views and ideas posted on here.

    Anyhow, hope to see you friday, and take care Paul.

  11. Peter says:

    The Yanks and Canadians and Aussies and Brits are committing genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan.Just as they committed genocide in the Americas,in Australia,in India,in Africa and so on.By supporting their military you are promoting the very things you claim to be against.

  12. Lorraina says:

    I want to compliment you on your willingness to speak your mind. I am half Native American and half Irish, 32 year old single mother and a career mother at that. There is an unfortunate amount to prejudice still prevalent. May it be against race, stature, gender, sexuality, the ignorance is overwhelming. I think that forming a constructive outlet and allowing people to have a voice is one of the more positive displays of pro-action I have seen in a long time. regardless if you share the same beliefs everyone has the right to have a voice. Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. Ashley says:

    True. Natives bring a lot of revenue to Kenora. Merchants and their families need to be aware of this and be appreciative. There are still A LOT of narrow minded assumptions regarding natives, stereotyped, as always.

  14. Liz says:

    To add to your disillusionment Britain has a racist clause in the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 called SECTION 19 C it allows ANY JUDGE in ANY COURT to discriminate against a black and ethinic miniority in a court of a law. Check it out here…[read section 19 b first then 19c!]


    And to think that the throne is not even hers!!!

  15. Glad to ‘meet’ you after having posted a response elsewhere. I have a lot of your stuff to read, give me time. Bob

  16. m.olson says:

    I was born and raised in Kenora and still live here after 40 years. I enjoy travelling and have visited places that are quite different from here.
    All people in Kenora have the same rights no matter what color.I am white and hold no prejudices against natives.The only problem I have is seeing drunk people on the streets no matter what color.People call this prejudice because most of the street people are native!Doesn’t everyone want their community to be free of things like this?All in all we all live in peace here…sad that some like to stir the pot and make it sound like we are unable to do so.
    While there are questions about what land belongs to the natives,many of us believe they were here first and that they were robbed of land,but that is not for us to decide.All we can do is move on and love Kenora for what it is.Free of war…where our parents want us to grow up healthy and happy…not to be soldiers of war…but soldiers of peace.

  17. Tess Mallett says:

    Hey, never thought I’d run into this.  Doing a research project for Native people  and Canada’s Dirty little secret.  The 60’s scoop and this came up for some reason, nice blog Ryan, impressive and I agree this is unfortunate but  very real.  

  18. Mitch says:

    What you are proposing is almost paradise. You speak of equality among the inhabitants of this country. I like this idea. I am Canadian. I am from NWO. I am from Kenora. I also have years of experience working for the federal government, so I understand from the inside an outside how and what are the procedures and causes of much of the current, past and even some future histories of the aboriginal people in Canada. I am aboriginal.

    However, my British new-comer, I must warn you, that you are showing signs of a so called ‘racist’. Before you take that as an insult, let me explain what I mean. Please don’t let small-mindedness be the fuel to your burning passion in life. Many people use the word ‘racist’ around these parts. It can do many things for you; emotional comfort, a reason to get angry, a reason to get even, works well against and with the law etc. The truth is, and knowing a little about you from word around the short streets of Kenora, you are proof, that races do not exist.

    In order to classify a race, there must first be a species, in our case, the homo species, or our modern adaptation, homo sapien. From this species exists mutations (geographical races per se, a.k.a. evolution). These we call sub-species;  mutations that show distinguishable  taxonomic  differences. More often than not, these sub-species, or races, become different to the point that procreation is near to impossible. You, sir, who are a proclamed ‘bi-racial half black half white British man who would mate with a North American Aboriginal (a gargantuan geographical displacement) woman are proof that mating is not an issue between any of the so called ‘races’ that walk this planet. The current species of Homo is the Homo sapien sapien. The last known race and possibly the only time that two races of our species has ever walked the planet at the same time is Homo sapien  neanderthal. There is no proof that the two races successfully mated.

    So what I am saying is if you subject yourself to non-think type ideals like ‘racism’,  you are not, pardon my insulting demeanor, passionately fighting to eliminate racism but rather, opposing negative racism while supporting positive racism. I believe your intentions are whole-hearted and that you are not a mean or prejudice man. I do believe, however, you need to take a long and hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you want to contribute to the racism that already exists globally. Canada is far from the only place or country to have a dark stain of prejudice behaviour and thinking – need I mention the 100 years war?

    As for ‘Canada living up to it’s reputation’. What the fuck, mate? I noticed you have nice teeth, gosh, that’s a real darn shame. I was hoping you’d live up to your countries reputation for poor dental care. Yes, that was a silly and nonsense statement which was fully intended of course. But this kind of ‘living up to reputation’ talk is silly and non-nonsensical. If you want to talk about ‘ethnocentrism’ than so be it. Calling people racists, prejudging people by the country from which they hail and even pretending to understand the extremely delicate situation between the native people and the rest of Canada is insulting in the most comforting of breezes.  

    Some of what you have posted on this blog site is a testament to why some people should just mind their own business. Sadly, I don’t see what you are doing via the internet being any different from what Gary McHale does, from what the USA does to other countries or a heck of a lot different than what religion and it’s prejudice inducing views does to humans worldwide. From your point of view, the F.N.’s of Canada are oppressed. From many other’s points of view they aren’t. My query to you, just as it is to myself; Who are you to pass judgement on the native people of my country? Who are you to pass judgement on Canada as a country? who are you to rally to the cause of any of these people? Who are you to dictate which reputation must be lived up to? Who are you to say what is right or wrong?  

    I am not going to ask you to follow my idealism, but I will share it with you since I’ve already found the  necessity  to share more with you in this post than I probably would ever want to. I am terrestrial. I am alive. I am lucky and thankful that not only could I be these things, given the unfathomably  minuscule  odd’s for the existence of life on any planet, but that I could come to being as a human of all the estimated 10 billion forms of life. I am proud to be human and would fight passionately for the preservation of our species, be it against ecological phenomenon, wild animals or extraterrestrials but what I will not do is contribute to the dog-eat-dog mentality that you, Mr. McHale and much too many of our species do.

    All that being said, I hope you have a good day 🙂 If you want to get together and have a beer sometime, let me know.

  19. SummerG says:

    I have to admit I almost read everything an here its interesting. But there is something else I want to know? I’ll see ya around town then ya I’ll ask ya then

  20. jen says:

    you look like Papa in this side profile hun x

  21. Pól Ó Duibhir says:

    Sorry if off topic, but you can delete the comment when read.

    You left a link re Kenneth McCabe in a comment on a post of mine (blog Dominusvobiscuit) but the link (Facebook: More House Massive) has gone dead. Is that site gone or has the location changed. I just want to be able to alert anyone reading the comments. The other link to the J’s site is still ok.



  22. Ryan Paul says:


    The link is:


  23. Pól Ó Duibhir says:

    That is the link I already had but it is simply throwing me onto the Facebook home page even when I’m logged in to Facebook.

    Any of my other links to Facebook are coming up OK.

    Have you accessed the link?

    I would not have taken up space here but your contact form required verification but did not suggest anything to enter in the field, so I had to resort to here and guest status to contact you.

    Please feel free to delete the comments when we are sorted.

    Best regards


  24. Pól Ó Duibhir says:

    Link miraculously working again. Thanks.
    May the force be with you.

  25. Douglas Fernsworth says:

    So saying people should be sent to uninhabited islands isn’t promoting hatred with your free speech?

  26. Ryan Paul says:

    No. It’s not.

  27. Patricia Puls Baucom says:

    I agree with many of your views, however I don’t agree with this. It sounds like a total contradiction of what your convictions are which in my opinion drowns out your voice on issues that are in desperate need of being addressed.

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