Work And Life

Work is going good… fortunately I’m in a job that I truly love. Web development… behind the scenes construction of web sites… additions, changes, deletions. I want to expand but it’s not my business so there’s no way. Going out on my own might be an option far in the future, but it’s not feasible now.

I had a major harddrive meltdown on Monday. The PC wouldn’t boot to Windows. I lost a day’s pay by staying at home on Tuesday which made me rather mad. Luckily we retrieved 20GB of data and so now we’re working off the external hard drive and the other internal hard drive that doesn’t have the operating system on.

Life with Nicolas is going great. He’s potty trained almost 100%. Every so often he’ll dump in his pants, but he’s got the whole thing down. Saving us a ton of money in diapers… lot more underpants washing though.

I want to move to Vancouver, but it’ll never happen because I have to be where my boy is, and Lorraine would never agree to taking him there. She’ll never move away from Kenora either.

I’m successfully keeping up the pumping iron regime at the recreation centre gymnasium. I’m going four times a week but after this weekend I’ll be going five days a week. My rest days will be Wednesday and Saturday. Eating five times a day is getting hard to keep with but it’s all worth it because I’ve already put on about 6lbs in weight. The weights I lift are getting heavier each time. You wouldn’t think that lifting two 5lb weights in front and side lateral raises is very hard but my personal trainer Darryl is teaching me the correct technique for everything… and lifting those two five pound weights hurts like hell after 4 sets of 15.

Getting into the fitness lifestyle is very hard to start with but a breeze once you’re into it. I find myself wanting to go to the gym every day, but of course the muscle rest time is needed.

I still hate a few certain people who live on this reserve. Hate is something hard for me to let go of (if ever) once I start. I don’t hate for petty reasons either.

Good thing is that England beat Trinidad & Tobago two nil in the World Cup. Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney are the golden guys… I think we’re going to win it this time. I’m certain that if we do, I’m going to have to break my rule of no alcohol, get wasted and party for the whole damn weekend. If England wins the World Cup, I reckon it should be turned into a national holiday.

Crappy Canadian television is still running crappy sports like Ice Hockey, Basketball and Baseball when the World Cup is on. Isn’t it a bit ironic that Canada and the U.S’s major sports are all pirated from British games, or are British invented? Like hellooooooo get some originality… invent your own games!

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