Work and a Movie

I spent all of Saturday working partly at the office, and all through the night on two client websites. Set them up using wordpress and was configuring a plugin to collapse subpages. I wanted one that use the wsite_list_pages function so I could use it in conjuction with other pages but it didn’t work… so I ended up having to use a different plugin which emulates the wsite_list_pages function and had to manually exclude a few pages, and order them appropriately. The other client website was set up using wordpress… just waiting for the content on both. All in all that took about 10 hours and I was exhausted when I finished.

I took Nicolas to see ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’. It was decent definitely, but not as good as the two previous Bourne titles. Nicolas was running around the seats… down one aisle, across underneath the screen and up the other aisle. He wasn’t making a sound but these two meathead punks complained and said he was distracting. I tried to tell them the screen is ten feet above his head.. and how is it possible for him to distract them. In the end I had to hold him in his seat for a while until he started watching the movie.

I’m not looking forward to work next week. To be perfectly honest I don’t look forward to work any day anymore. Never know what the coming days will bring anymore

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