Winston Churchill was a bastard

I cannot believe I almost named my son after that tyrannical, colonial minded bastard.

I’ve long been ashamed of most of England’s history, but after reading about Winston Churchill more in depth I’ve come to the conclusion that the only two good things he ever did in life were fight Nazi Germany and to pass away.

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  1. Ewan says:

    As a Scot, who’s part Polish and married to a Polish lady, I couldn’t agree more! Churchill is virtually a swear word in Poland – as that bastard SOLD Poland to Stalin at the end of the war, resulting in 45 years of communist ‘rule’ for Poland – from which it’s only just recovering. On topp of that, he agreed with Stalin to deem every Polish soldier and airman an illegal immigrant in Britian at the end of the war(!). Polish soldiers weren’t allowed to march in the VE Day celebrations. Only 303 Spitfire Squadron was allowed – and they refused to in honour of their fello Poles.

    The guy’s hated by any red-blooded Scot too. An uperclass, attention-grabbing pile of faeces.

  2. HF says:

    Check out his role in operation ajax too, he may be in part, if not single handedly responsible for the second biggest challenge in the entire middle east. Robbed yet another country of their freedom and democratically elected leader, only to replace him w/ a murdering, torturing, totallitarian dictator so BP could continue to maintain a ownership extract petrolium from a source that wasn’t Britain’s. He’s an absolute wretch in my opinion.

  3. jim corbett says:

    Yep–Responsible for the Gallipoli disaster in WWI. Also for the Salonika “Birdcage” with his notion of a “soft underbelly.”

    WWII Responsible for the Dieppe disaster. Responsible for leaving Coventry defenseless. Responsible for the disaster raid on Narvik. Responsible for the “bridge too far.” Responsible for ordering the first civilian bombing in WWII (even before Hitler). Responsible for the disasterous airbourne assault on Rhodes. Responsible for the disastrous “defense” of Singapore. Lied about his “experiences” in the Boor War. Born on a golden bed and was brought up thinking he was a god. A murderous bastard who never gave a damn about anybody outside of his “class.”‘

    His father, Randolph, a sadistic homosexual, who beat his wife for being a woman, played the “orange card,” to prevent the protestants and catholic workers from coming together in the “United Irishmen” and sentenced Northern Ireland to a hundred years of pain.

  4. SJ says:

    Sinse you here discussing Churchhill and Poland :
    Winston Churchill in his work “The Second World War”, called Poland the “Greedy Hyena of Europe”.

    More at

  5. Gediminas says:

    I’m lithuanian and I agree with Churchill. poland is GREEDY HIENA. But not polish people. What a f… do polish goverment think when they say that Vilnikus is their city? Are they doing drugs? Why do they think like that? If they think like that then I agree with russia that poland started WW2.

  6. Marklv says:

    Churchill also allowed 3 million poor people in India to starve to death in 1943 by routing food away from there and to the already well fed allied military forces.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha, what a hot topic.

    I have a question for Gediminas:

    If, as you say, “Poland is GREEDY HIENA but not Polish people” what is Poland in your view?
    I have always presumed that it is the people who constitute countries on our lovely Mother Earth.
    Ha…if Poland was GREADY indeed how would one describe England with its
    incessant gluttony for new territories that augmented the British Crown’s lands
    over the last two centuries?

    I happen to be living in New Zealand where in the British ongoing greed for power, new territories and resources, England had stolen from the native NZ Maori tribes their lands, destroying their culture and language?
    What about Australia & Australian Aborigines? Etc.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Operation Ajax…  the operation to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Iran…  (I chose my username for very different reasons). This was the direct consequence of the Mullahism we have today. Keep that in mind when America goes on the media blitz about war in Iran.

    They need your consent for war and murder. Remember that. 

  9. Ron Fuson says:

    It would seem to me, that having drawn the first conclusion stated…. you might want to alter your opinion in regard to Germany…. After all, history is indeed , written by the victors. Churchill himself was quoted as saying “History shall be kind to me, for I shall write it!”…. Apparently he didn’t get to write all of history on himself… just as there is revisionism that tells another story as it concerns Nazi Germany.


  10. Franco says:

    So, what did you name your son? Neville? Stanley? Or perhaps even Tony or Gordon? For all Churchill’s faults, and every man has them, he was good man and leader. And if you’re ashamed of England’s history, you’ve probably read only modern day socialist accounts. I’m prouder of our history, than the national disgrace we have become now.

  11. Jaideep Syam says:

    Winston Churchill was not in the direct line of descent and was packed of to the North West Frontier Province of India to do his military service. Winston was thoroughly rogered in NWFP by the tribes, who are renowned for their viciousness and tenacity; from this moment on wards he turned beady eyed and a alcoholic and a rabid India hater.

    If you have the place in your heart, please forgive this rotund runt; what he really required was psychological support.

  12. Ryan Paul says:

    Jaideep – that comment is possibly the best I’ve seen in the 18 years I’ve been on the Internet.

    Well played sir.

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