Will My Local MP for Kenora Deliver On His Promise?

My local MP is Greg Rickford who’s currently running for re-election in October 2015.  I’ve known him personally before he was a politican and just practising law.  Apparently he folds his socks.

This will be my first time voting in a Federal election – I’ve been registered but I elected not to vote the last time because I was disillusioned with all three parties.

Last week I went to Greg’s campaign office in Kenora and gave him a compromise.  I promised him my vote if in turn if he’s re-elected he promises to take my issue to the very top and do everything possible he can to help me.

My issue is the Turkish made Akdal MK1919 12 Gauge Shotgun (picture inset and below).  As you can it resembles an M16, or an AR for firearms enthusiasts which have Restricted status in Canada.  This means you can ONLY take it to and from the range.  You can’t go out in the forest and shoot, and you can’t hunt with it.

Akdal MKA1919 12 Gauge

The look of the firearm is where the similarity ends.  It was classified as a modified version, or variant of the AR platform by the RCMP, and is Restricted.  The sheer stupidity of that decision is apparent when you look at the list below:

  • Different barrel size
  • Upper receiver won’t fit onto an AR lower receiver
  • Lower receiver won’t fit onto an AR upper receiver
  • Trigger mechanism is different

Literally there is nothing you could take from this weapon and create a working AR from.  Yet the idiots at the RCMP insist on classifying firearms as Restricted based upon nothing but the look of it.  They classify weapons because they look scary.  Why does this matter?  Because plenty of law abiding firearms owners like myself for instance DON’T COMMIT GUN CRIMES!!!  Thousands of people get stabbed every year and I own knives too.  Should my cutlery drawer be classified as Restricted?

I think I speak for most firearms owners when I say that we don’t need grenade launchers, and fully automatic weapons.  But to restrict us from an activity in which we’ve never done anything wrong just because the tool in our hands looks scary borders on lunacy.

I told Greg Rickford I would vote for him if he promised me he would do everything in his power to get this weapon reclassified as non-restricted.  I made him promise three times to keep his end of the bargain, and I even asked his ‘Secretary’ (the lady who runs the constituency office) to remind him once he’s back in office.  He stated that he’s a member of Lake of the Woods Gun Club and he’s passionate about firearms ownership.  He might’ve been waxing lyrical though.  So I’m going to vote for him.  I will not be pleased if he doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain.

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