Why do Yanks need the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution?

Stupid stupid stupid.   I saw this episode of America’s Most Wanted where someone robbed a bowling alley, murdered a couple of people and murdered a 2yr old baby with a shot in the head.   Good thing guns were available right?

What about the 10yr old girl from Chicago that was shot dead from gang gunfire whilst playing with her blind sister outside?   Good thing Americans have guns then right?

What about the 10 month old boy that was shot at a game of cards?   Good thing that firearms were present there too right?

The good old Second Amendment… yayyyy let’s celebrate a trigger-happy, gun-toting, cowboy culture that allows thousands and thousands of innocent people getting shot every year. NOT!

There’s a reason why Canada doesn’t have the shooting death ratio that the United States does… and I DO NOT think it’s because of the air here.   Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to figure out why.

I’d be all for the right to bear arms if there were a good set of rules.   Like people who drink alcohol at all would be banned completely from owning a firearm.   People who abuse ANY sort of substance whether illegal or not.   Also people who discriminate based upon race, sexual preference, physical disabilities, cultural preferences, colour, or creed would be banned for life.

I’d also ban anyone who lived in the same house as anyone with ANY sort of criminal conviction from owning firearms for life.

Oh yeah, and all members of the NRA, as well as about 90% of Republicans in the U.S I’d ban for life from having firearms.

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