What’s more tragic?

I was showing my neighbour and my bird a video of the Ken Bigley beheading.   Shortly before that I was showing them some extremely sick pornographic videos that included double fisting, horses fornicating women, and the BME Pain Olympics video amongst others.

The Ken Bigley video was a touch blurry, and it wasn’t the full video, but it was enough to see that an inn0cent non-combatant, who gave his life helping young children, getting his head hacked off for the sake of religious extremism.

The two birds I was showing the video seemed to think it was funny enough that I took the video seriously to laugh and giggle the whole way through.   Even after trying to impress upon them watching an innocent person dying isn’t a cause for levity – they still seemed to find it was funny that I was being serious about a video like that.

My confidential informant just told me a few moments ago they were ‘on a laughing trip’ from the sick videos before.   I seem to remember them being grossed out and not hysterical.

The thing that takes the biscuit is I then showed them the viral video of that American soldier throwing the puppy off the cliff, and they’re both raising their voices in indignation. Am I the only one that sees something extremely wrong with a person being blase about a human being getting murdered, and then get outraged when a puppy gets abused?

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