What Is Going On?

Is it just me or am I getting negative vibes from pretty much everyone I know?   I’m usually really shitty at reading signals from people though so I dunno.

For instance… a friend I’ve been hanging out with more recently is either subconsciously giving out negative vibes or my vibe-antenna seems to be malfunctioning.   That’s   stressing me out to no end.   A better phrase is ‘it’s confusing me’.

I think highly of that person indeed, so I hope the situation sorts itself out soon.   I’m only too aware of how susceptible I am to the actions of people in my life, and I wish I could change that.   For now it’s not going to change though.

It feels weird to have a social life now, small as it is.   Kenora especially is a bad town for someone like me – I don’t drink alcohol and that’s all most people do, aside from smoking drugs.

I was considering taking a road trip west to visit some buddies, and now I’m not so sure.   I’m just not up for going on vacation for the first time in six years, and having trouble for me or anyone else around me.

I fucking hate being back on a downer!

One positive note – I finally received in the post the first four series/seasons of Judge John Deed that I ordered from Amazon.co.uk.   Took about two weeks for the order to even be shipped, but once it was… it was about ten days to get to me.   I’m quite psyched.   Fucked up thing is that the DVD’s are Region 1, so I have to use DVDFab Platinum to burn them before I can watch them.   Kinda good in a way coz these aren’t readily available if one gets scratched or broken.

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