This blog is coming at you from the Pacific Palisades Hotel in downtown Vancouver.   Lorraine was on a business trip and invited me along and so along I flew.  

The mountains are definitely something awe inspiring when you first see them.   Vancouver at night is similar to what I’m sure foreigners feel about London at night, or how I feel about Piccadilly at night.   The fact that there’s a French Connection store here says a lot about the type of city it is.

Also I’ve met a lot of Yanks – all of them have been nice… but no matter where you are, you can always tell an American even when they don’t speak.

I took a walk today whilst Lorraine was in the business meeting and it started raining.   During that walk I bought what I call a ‘Spike’ tshirt.   It’s white with block black letters with a black arrow pointing downwards that says ‘Get It Here’.   If you’ve seen the movie ‘Notting Hill’ you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Reckon  we’re going to hit a casino tonight and check out the aquarium with the whales tomorrow.

Lorraine thinks I’m crazy, but I’m determined to swim in the Pacific Ocean even though it’s probably below freezing temperature!

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