Ultimate Fighter : US vs UK

Everytime I see something on television where the United Kingdom is pitted against the United States of America I get happy – whether our side wins or loses.   But it’s a particular pleasure when our side has more charisma and presence than the Yanks – yes, I’m talking about the Ultimate Fighter : US vs UK.

Back in the U.K I pretty   much hated anyone with a northern accent – but on this show I find myself loving the fact that scouse accents can be heard when those Yank twats are acting like arseholes and drawing on people’s boots.   I LOVE BRITISH ACCENTS!

I’m so used to seeing idiots on television with North American accents trying to act hard, so it’s definitely awesome to see someone on television from home who is actually hard, and not just acting hard.

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  1. marian says:

    you know, i am a big fan of the UFC as well. and i do love british accents as well. i cant wait to see Bisping and Henderson in UFC 100 in July.

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