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I took off work around 1430hrs because daycare shuts at 1500hrs every other Friday.   After picking up the children, I went to the petrol station to fill up.   Whilst doing that the attendant inflated my driver’s side front tyre.   We noticed a large hole so I headed on over to my regular car garage.   They were stacked up so I went on over to Canadian Tire.   They were stacked up but the guy squeezed me in because it was a simple patch.

I waited around for about fourty-five minutes. The mechanic wheels mytyre out inlated and there’s a huge bubble in the side wall.   Something about the wall is seperating from the tread.   I have an All-Wheel Drive vehicle and so I had to replace all four tyres at once.   At $149 per tyre plus installation and taxes, it ended up costing $750 for a simple flat tyre.

I wasn’t happy at all.   To top that off, Nicolas was acting up and running amok – luckily Rosie came to pick up the two children for me whilst I waited for my car.

If I didn’t have to get tyres there and then I would’ve never have switched from Hankook.   I realise that the problem with the tyre was either an isolated incident or due to my driving hard.   Once I’m done with these Michelin tyres I’ll almost certainly go back to Hankook tyres.   I would’ve bought winter tyres if I had the money but I simply don’t.   I was eyeing some steel rims for my car, but they were $94.99 on sale so that’s out!

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