Tips about Blogging For Cash

I’ve been reading and browsing more than a few blogs lately of people giving out tips for blogging and earning money.

What’s irritating me about it all is that 99% of them are saying the same crap, and all of it is stuff that is common sense and nothing that any intelligent person wouldn’t know already.

Of course, I would dearly love to earn a wage through blogging and confess to being somewhat jealous of people like Darren Rowse (he’s not part of the crowd I’m referring to though).   Obviously his techniques work, but it’s more his readership that I’m referring to.   Darren will post a blog about a subject and then he’ll get numerous comments either kissing his ass, or posting exactly what he said but rephrasing it and trying to act like it’s something completely different to what he posted.   It irritates me to no end.   I’ve posted a few comments asking about it, but so far I’ve resisted the urge to shout ‘STOP KISSING HIS ASS’.

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