The world never ceases to amaze me

The reason for the title is for a number of reasons. Habib Khan, a Muslim from Stoke-on-Trent, was jailed for eight years for stabbing his neighbour – a British Nationalist Party member – to death. Whilst I’ll never condone people going outside the law in most cases, I sympathise with Mr Khan because it’s quite obvious that living next door to a BNP member would have been worse than a death sentence.

Then there’s the case of a guy from the Russian state of Ingushetia being shot dead. The owner of a prominent website criticising the state government of Ingushetia in Russia was shot dead – according to police reports he was being led to a car when he tried to grab a police pistol and was shot in the head. Do the Russians really think they’re fooling anyone?

I’m getting rather miffed at the current state of affairs on this planet. It won’t do.

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