The Rez In Pictures


This   is from the top of the hill that’s basically the entrance to the habitated part of the reserve.


This is the reserve firehouse that was supposed to cost $100,000.   Mismanagement took it about $30,000 over budget.   There’s no firefighters, and no fire engines either.


This is the Ochiichagwe’Babigo’Ining Band Office.   It also houses the Health and Social Development staff who used to occupate the offices below the Community Centre.


This playground used to be located where the firehouse is now.   It’s safe for kids to play on, as mine do but I remember something in the paper a couple of years back about standards to which it was constructed or something.


This is our powwow grounds.   That big structure in the centre is called an Arbour – that’s where all the drum groups sit.   The wooden shed-like structure to the right is the MC stand.   That’s where all the audio equipment is usually set up.


This was another project set up by the Chief and Council before last.   Intended to give training to Band Members, it never got finished on time and it too went over budget.   It eventually got relocated.   I’m not even sure if this is the original building either.


This is the heavy   machinery that’s used on the reserve.   The yellow grader works, but has frequent problems and is the one that’s usually used to clear snow in the winter.   They bought the red grader about a year ago.   It has more attachments but is older and less reliable I think.

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