The necessity of any armed force

I was having a little bit of a discussion with a friend yesterday about people who join the Canadian Forces. The lady I was talking to said she supported their decision but does not like the army.

She went into a rant in greater detail and explained that she hates the way young people often are victims in armed conflict and that war is profitable to major corporations.

I tried to be neutral and explain that whenever there’s an armed conflict and soldiers are sent into battle – they don’t go into a battle for profit; at least a Canadian soldier’s primary motivation into going into battle isn’t to get rich. I told her that Canadian soldiers serve and stand on the front line or stand on a wall to protect her and the rest of Canada’s population while they sleep, and that there’s a need for that.

I also told her about the bumper sticker I saw that reads ‘If you don’t support our troops, feel free to stand in front of them’. Interesting caption huh?

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