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I finally met an internet buddy at Dalles Pow Wow this weekend. She showed me her tattoo and I was hooked… it was the best work I’d ever seen, and I’m going to get her friend to do a tattoo down my entire right arm, with a turtle on my shoulder covering up my current tattoo.

I’m ready to ditch a few of my friends simply because I do not have any time for part time friends, or friends that no longer call because they have boyfriends.   Quite frankly I’m disgusted at a couple of friends.   I’ll get over it, and their friendship.   THEY were the ones that stopped calling.

I found this interesting blog post on why a formerly obese lady believes fat people over 30 deserve to be judged.   I’m not decided on whether I agree with the post, but she does raise a few valid points.

I took a few more photos of Dalles reserve where my children live.   They were all taken within ten minutes of each other.   You’ll see I need to either get a better camera or learn more about the fundamentals of photography.   Check them out below.

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