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I’m sure everyone knows that I now have my next car.   It’s a 2003 AWD Toyota Matrix.   It’s white, and is in immaculate condition with 47,000KM when I bought it.

For those who don’t know… All Wheel Drive means that the four-wheel drive is controlled automatically by the onboard computer – if the back wheels are spinning at a greater rate than the front wheels, the 4×4 kicks in automatically.   Jolly good eh?
I bought one of those cheap $16 car vacuum cleaners and use that everyday, and I wipe down the insides once a day.   This car WILL be kept in top shape no matter what it costs.   It MUST last me at least five years.   Bearing in mind the extensive research into car models and manufacturers, I’ve complete confidence that all Japanese brands are AWESOME… not like the other north american crap being sold to millions across the world.

Lorraine’s feeling more and more pregnant every day.   I’m scared of having another child for obvious reasons… nervous… and elated all at the same time.

My ultimate goal in the area of careers seems to be changing – the options I want are below.

  • Extremely wealthy and anonymous
  • Famous and wealthy
  • Actor
  • Police Officer
  • Owner of design firm

I’m having serious internal conflict and issues about the fact that I am none of the above.   DAMN IT ALL!

On a great note… there’s a movie being shot in Kenora.   The production company are renting space in our office… the movie’s called ‘Juliana and the Medicine Fish‘, with Jessica Amlee, Rob Schneider, Gordon Tootoosis and Alex Rice.   I’ve been foozing Jessica and it’s just awesome.   I can officially add that I’ve foozed a movie star.   BTW – Jessy’s 12yrs old hahahaha!

Nicolas is getting scratched, bitten and pinched by one of his cousins which I’m not happy about at all.   If it doesn’t stop, a few words in the cousin’s mother’s ear will be happening for sure!

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