The King does it again!

IN YOUR FACE you hating bitches! As is quite evident by a news story on BBC website, tickets have completely sold out for the 50 dates Michael Jackson’s going to be performing at the O2 Arena.

According to the BBC news story:

Hundreds of fans queued at the venue as tickets went on sale to the public and over a quarter of a million people queued online.

More than a million tickets to see the veteran pop star have now been sold.

Some 360,000 tickets were sold to registered fans before sales opened on Friday morning.
Organisers say the This Is It tour has become the fastest-selling in history, with 33 seats sold each minute.

So anyone who says he’s a washed up has-been can suck a fat one!   For real Michael Jackson fans it was never in doubt – that was only the hating bitches or moronic sheep who judged him based upon some allegations.

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