The Announcement

I guess this is as good a time as any to announce the announcement…

My woman’s going to have another child – she’s 9 weeks and 6 days along.   Estimated date of delivery is March 12 2007.

This one’s going to be done right this time.   Insulin taken frequently, with a low sugar and low fat diet.   More water and less carbonated drinks.

If the domestic situation doesn’t calm down immediately, I’m going to do something I’ve never wanted to do – move out.   If it secures the health and life of my child, I’ll be gone from this house.

But this is definitely a HAPPY THING 😀 😀

We went to an ultrasound last week.   The foetus actually moved – it doubled up, rather it bent at the waist.   I was amazed that at that early stage a foetus can move that much.

I’m spending far too much time at Frontline games.   Networking Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2 is highly addictive and I almost can’t get enough of it.   One negative thing that really bothered me is that one of Lorraine’s friends from Rat Portage asked her if I’m a pervert because I spend so much time in there. How ignorant can you get?   Because I love computer games I diddle children?   I thought she was a nice person, but obviously I was wrong.   Can’t be that great a person to make an ignorant judgement about someone based upon the fact that I unknowingly happened to be sitting next to her daughter in Frontline.

Ryan Paul

Just some Canadian guy who used to be British, and who has come to be highly ashamed at the chapters in Canadian history concerning Aboriginal people.

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