The Announcement

I guess this is as good a time as any to announce the announcement…

My woman’s going to have another child – she’s 9 weeks and 6 days along.   Estimated date of delivery is March 12 2007.

This one’s going to be done right this time.   Insulin taken frequently, with a low sugar and low fat diet.   More water and less carbonated drinks.

If the domestic situation doesn’t calm down immediately, I’m going to do something I’ve never wanted to do – move out.   If it secures the health and life of my child, I’ll be gone from this house.

But this is definitely a HAPPY THING 😀 😀

We went to an ultrasound last week.   The foetus actually moved – it doubled up, rather it bent at the waist.   I was amazed that at that early stage a foetus can move that much.

I’m spending far too much time at Frontline games.   Networking Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2 is highly addictive and I almost can’t get enough of it.   One negative thing that really bothered me is that one of Lorraine’s friends from Rat Portage asked her if I’m a pervert because I spend so much time in there. How ignorant can you get?   Because I love computer games I diddle children?   I thought she was a nice person, but obviously I was wrong.   Can’t be that great a person to make an ignorant judgement about someone based upon the fact that I unknowingly happened to be sitting next to her daughter in Frontline.

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