Terrorist returns to Canada

EDIT (April 22 2014): I amended the title of this news post to remove the word ‘Alleged’.  Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to all charges.

A while back before I deleted a large portion of my blogs I wrote an opinion piece about Omar Khadr.  I now refuse to state my opinion though.

On that issue – Omar Khadr was finally brought back to Canada.  It’s not an opinion – but a fact – that the Canadian government had a duty all along to take care of its own business.  Canada’s citizens are Canada’s business.  I hate to quote his lawyer, Brydie Bethel, but when speaking about Minister Toews – she said:

“He mishandled the file and he knows it… the good news for all Canadians is that justice has prevailed over politics today”.

Someone whose reputation and honour is pretty much beyond reproach, Senator Romeo Dallaire said:

“I am very satisfied, even if [the repatriation] is done in the dead of night and on a weekend to avoid media attention,”

It’s generally acknowledged that children used in armed conflict, regardless of what they do, are supposed to be rehabilitated.  You’d be hard pressed to find one single credible and civilised person, government, or organization that would argue otherwise.  So some people might ask… why did the Canadian government drag its feet, and fail its people and itself in its duty to repatriate and rehabilitate a child soldier? Under our system of justice – a fifteen year old boy cannot be held legally responsible for his actions.

People might now be asking – if the government is willing to ignore its own rules in this case, what is to stop it ignoring the rules whenever it chooses? It sets a dangerous precedent.

PS:  As I was researching material for this blog post, I came across an interesting blog post about the possibility that Omar Khadr didn’t even kill Spc Speer. Warning – there is a graphic image of Omar Khadr’s wounds back in Afghanistan. [EDIT:  I absolutely do NOT endorse the blog post I linked to.  It is there for balance.]

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