Stupid Stupid Stupid

I know you can blame people free of mental defects for committing heinous, ridiculous or stupid actions, but a society has to be thick as two short planks when it blames an animal for acting as an animal acts.

That cute polar bear ‘Knut’ that was the centre of a media frenzy and became world famous in Germany, has now grown up into a full size adult male polar bear.

Zoo keepers put carp in his enclosure to eat the algae in the water. Knut – the CARNIVOROUS POLAR BEAR – apparently fished them out, killed them, played with him and left them alone without eating them.

Apparently the German newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine’ reported that he ‘senselessly murdered the carp’.

It’s things like this that, rightly or wrongly, make me despise an entire nation for being so stupid. Obviously there’s exceptions, but on the whole I’m quite sure MANY Germans echo that sentiment. Stupid people.

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