Stuff of Late

Yup it’s been a while.   The usual excuse – work is crazy.

I finally got my car back after about two or three weeks.   I was so happy to see it, I jumped out of the rental and gave my car a hug.   I’m never going to switch away from Toyota.   And seriously doubt if I’ll ever switch from a Matrix.   It’s not just an urban myth that Japanese cars are better than any of the North American brands.

I’ve figured out why a certain person came into my life and then left it again so soon.   So I think the phrase needed is ‘at peace’.   Understanding why definitely helps a lot.

Regarding the whole pallava with that former friend, I told her something I heard and I thought they should know about someone close to them.   I got into a minor spot of trouble for that – no biggie.   What irritated me is she’d done the exact same thing about one of their friends a while before that, and now they don’t talk.   Ironic the same situation happened eh.   Anyways…   I’ve learnt that I’m going to keep my mouth shut.   For instance… I know something… not terrible (depending on your point of view), but something I’d want to know if I was in a relationship with someone.   But I’m not going to reveal it for anything – partly because nothing might come of it – and that person will just have to find out for themselves (if they ever do).

So anyways… on the whole… things are going splendidly.   Nicolas and Alex are getting far easier to handle although still far from easy.   It’s better now I have a Playstation 2 and TV for Nicolas as well as ADSL internet access at home.   Just gotta get cable tv and everything will be sweet.

Summer’s coming!   I can feel it in the air, lots of loving everywhere, just gimme the night.

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