Strolling through central London with Russia’s leaders

I had the most vivid and strange dream I can remember having in about the last ten years. I was walking through central London, in Piccadilly, walking (around the statue’s left) away from the street, with Dmitry Medvedev to my immediate left, and Vladimir Putin to his left.  To my right was another high ranking official – I think the Head of the Duma.

We were walking around – I remember thinking Medvedev was a mellow approachable bloke, and Putin was stoic and dour.

At one point during our walkabout, Putin was to my left, and Medvedev to his left. I told Putin how I’d emailed him a while back and said how I think what he did was tantamount to a nuclear attack on Britain, but I respected him for making Russia strong.  The dream ended shortly after.  It was weird because it was so vivid and real.

In real life a while ago I actually did email Putin and told him exactly that – I thought Alexander Litvinenko’s death was a nuclear attack on London (because he died of radiation), but I respected him for making Russia strong.  But to be honest I don’t respect him for making Russia strong – he’s done it through suppression of basic freedoms and human rights so, Vladimir – if you’re reading… I take back what I said in that email.

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