Standing By Your Principles

I recently heard that someone has renewed their contract with the United Church of Canada for a grand a month to do some blogging stuff. At first I was jealous and wished I had that sort of offer. But then almost immediately I realised who the employer is. The United Church of Canada is one of the main culprits in in which tens of thousands of aboriginal children died, tens of thousands were raped and sexually abused and many more simply disappeared.

I started thinking real hard about that and realised that there’s a small possibility that my work MIGHT get some sort of design work out of it. It hasn’t even arisen yet or been mentioned in any form, but the prospect isn’t nice. Would it be morally right for me to work for an organisation that had committed genocide and still, in an ongoing process, makes efforts to cover up their nefarious deeds? If it comes down to it, I will simply refuse to work on that website. I hope my employment won’t be terminated, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take and a possible consequence I’m willing to face. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror if I did any work for the United Church of Canada.

So watch this space eh?

Oh… for those who are wondering what the text in the header graphic says… it’s ‘Product of Mauritius. Built for life in Canada’ – that’s exactly what I am.

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