Smoking Kills

To anyone who thinks it’s socially acceptable to smoke… think again you fucktards.   A recent medical study in Scotland yielded proof about a marked improvement in people’s health after a smoking ban in enclosed public places.

Why do people not realise smoking stopped being cool in the sixties? What does it take to get people to realise it is NOT okay – whether it’s done in private or not.   I sincerely believe that smokers should not be given ANY sort of medical treatment anywhere for any reason.

Get shot on the train by a punk after your money?   Tough shit –   you smoke, you forfeit.   Your aeroplane overruns the tar macadam   and your brain needs emergency surgery?   Tough shit.. you smoke, you forfeit.

Governments need to get tough with these immature souls who are still smoking.

For those who are smoking now because they were peer pressured in school or in college… helloooooooooooo?   Get over it you spineless punk bitches.   The cool kids shouldn’t be holding sway over your life for the rest of it. Stupid stupid stupid.

Discriminating against smokers is perfectly okay, legitimate and morally acceptable simply because those fucktards are adding to the cost of healthcare and are making wait times for medical procedures longer with their smoking-aggravated problems.   So next time you see someone smoking… call them an punkass moron – you’ll feel much better.   Who knows… that may be the first step they need to quitting.

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