Shagging, Email Scams, Pumping Iron and Infections

In the interests of… well me, I’m going to try and emulate certain characteristics of some blogs more successful than mine. I wish I could start blogging in a British tone too. I think like a Brit (obviously DUHHHH) but when I blog it doesn’t come out as typically British which fucking bothers me.

I know it sounds like such a cliche but someone I know is ALWAYS in a much better mood the morning after they just got shagged. Going by today, I should start paying certain parties to shag the person in question. My life would definitely improve!

I got another of those email scams today… the usual sort where the fucknut says he/she is related to a late blah blah and there’s millions waiting to be claimed. Usually I just delete them but for some reason I emailed the person back and told them:

Fuck off and drop dead.

Your scam is well known We know you are trying to steal money from
unsuspecting people.


On a slightly different note, I found a wordpress plugin that posts to a notifying blog in my myspace profile that a new entry has been submitted. Pretty sweet plugin.

I’m going to the gym four times a week now. It’s going great – the eating is always the hard part. I mostly go in my lunch hour and have started mass buying cans of tuna, along with mayonnaise and bread so I can chow down when I get back to the office. I’m starting to see results VERY VERY slowly… I’m up to 174.5lbs although mostly I still look like a fucking rake. I reckon my pecs are developing a little more than everything else coz I’m concentrating on them. I’m eating meal replacements for afternoon and morning snack and trying desperately hard to keep up on all my meals. The amount of weight I can chest press at the gym has gone up by about 15lbs in the last three weeks, although it’s still about 25lbs lighter than before I got my matrix. I’m usually doing the chest press 4 sets of 12… then the tricep pushdowns 4 sets of 12… then the cable row 4 sets of 12, then preacher curls at 4 sets of 12. I feel good now that I’m going regularly again. Pretty soon I’ll be back up to the weights I was at before.

Alex has got a urinary infection which we’ve got medication for. She was at fourty-one degrees the other night which freaked me out as she was so hot, I had beads of sweat running down my forehead when holding her. Took her to the hospital twice in one day. They tried to put in a catheter 6 times and couldn’t so they stopped. She’s on the mend now… just more irritable and needing constant attention coz she gets pissed off when she’s not with anyone.

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