Refugees are people too

I’ve heard many refugee stories on the news… situations around the globe which create hundreds of thousands of refugees every year.   Most good people abhor the conflicts.   But most good people let those conflicts and more importantly the refugees plight slip from their minds.

Time after time, families are split up in order to allow those most able or most vunerable to escape, with their safety intact. For instance, Aimee from Congo was in a line of people , all of whom were shot dead except Aimee and her baby son.   Then there’s Charles Fon, 17 from Cameroon who fled to the U.K after both of his parents were killed.   On a side note, look at his happy demeaneour after having his parents murdered – we could all learn something from him.

It is upon all of us, the more fortunate sections of society who do not have to deal with fearing for their lives, to remember that refugees have families.   They deserve to be with their families just as much as anyone else.

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