Real Things Justin Trudeau Has Done

Justin Trudeau - Elect A Clown, Expect A Circus

Having been a life long left wing voter, I came to Canada and continued to be left wing ideologically. Socialism and left wing politics have advanced the world in so many ways. Paddy Ashdown was my boi. Tony Blair was my boi. Fuck what anyone else says about that.

I was nominally a fan of Jean Chretien when I came to Canada. However… when Justin Trudeau became head of the Liberal Party of Canada, my desire to be a left wing voter quickly waned. He keeps fucking up time and time again, and guess what? No matter what he does… people who are blind to the wrongs keep voting him in. So here’s a list of some of the things he’s done and still get voted in by a bunch of clowns.

Admiring China’s Basic Dictatorship

Yes, Justin Trudeau actually said he admires China’s basic dictatorship in direct response to being asked which nation he admires most.


Took Gifts From Someone Doing Business With The Government of Canada

Justin Trudeau decided that ethics rules didn’t apply to him and decided to exchange gifts with the billionaire spiritual leader the Aga Khan who was at the time a recipient of tens of millions of dollars in federal funding. He also happened to be a long time family friend to Justin who received a helicopter ride from Nassau to the island, and a free vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas. At first the Prime Minister’s Office flatly refused to reveal any information at all because Justin didn’t want people to know he was breaking the law.


Spent $110,000 Fighting A First Nation Girl in Court Over A $6000 Dental Procedure

Yeah. That’s right. Mr Justin “Pro Native” Trudeau’s government fought a court battle against Josey Willier – a teenage native girl who had constant pain due to impacted teeth and a severe overbite, amongst other issues. The teen’s mother appeal three times and was denied so she took the case to Federal Court. Instead of doing the right thing and simply paying for the $6,000 of orthodontic treatment so the girl could live a life free of pain, Justin Trudeau spent $110,336.51 to stop the girl from getting the necessary treatment.


Fought In Court To Tell Natives “Fuck Your Treaty Rights”

You heard it right. Justin Trudeau campaigned on “hitting the reset on Canada’s relationship with First Nations”. He sucked in and charmed millions of indigenous people to vote for him because they believed (and strangely still believe) he had First Nation’s interests at heart. Aaaaaaaand then went and told every Native person in Canada “fuck your treaty rights” with a court battle.

The Mikisew Cree First Nation in Alberta had argued that two omnibus budget bills introduced by the former Conservative federal government in 2012 affected its constitutionally protected treaty rights because they amended regulatory protections for waterways and the environment. You’d think that Mr. Justin “Pro Native” Trudeau would cancel the court battle the second he got in office because of his big talk about pushing the reset button. Nope. He steamed on with the court battle and eventually won when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canada’s lawmakers do not have a duty to consult with Indigenous people before introducing legislation that might affect constitutionally protected Indigenous and treaty rights. So much for pressing the reset button eh?


Sold Weapons To A Religious Theocracy That Murders Journalists, Drops Bombs On Civilians, Executes Gay People, & Lashes And Then Jails Rape Victims

Despite talking the talk, it appears that Justin Trudeau doesn’t walk the walk. He’s quick to publicly condemn them for all manner of human rights violations… but when it comes to making difficult decisions? He decided that moral righteousness can fuck right off.

In 2019 Canada’s arms industry was allowed to export $2.9bn of military equipment to Saudi Arabia. In 2018 they were allowed to sell $1.3bn of arms to the Saudis, and in 2017 sold just under $500m to the Saudis.

Of course it doesn’t matter that they routinely execute people for being gay, or that they murdered Jamal Khashoggi, or that they drop bombs on the heads of women and children in Yemen, or that they lash and jail rape victims. Fuck all those people right? Justin just wants to continue doing business apparently.


Interfered With The Attorney General To Gain A Pass For His Friends On A Potential Criminal Prosecution, Lied About It, And Then When He Was Caught Lying, He Fired The Attorney General For Proving That He Was Lying And She Wasn’t

A Canadian company from Quebec called SNC Lavalin was being investigated by then Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould to determine if anyone should be criminally prosecuted for bribery crimes against Libyan officials. Being from a Quebec MP Justin decided he wanted to try and get his chums a pass. He had his attack dog Michael Wernick call the Attorney General and try to pressure her into not prosecuting. When AG Jody Wilson said publicly that the Prime Minister’s people were interfering with the independence of her office, Justin Trudeau flatly lied and said he didn’t do anything. Thankfully Jody Wilson recorded a telephone call between her and Michael Wernick proving that she was telling the truth and Justin was lying.

Turns out that just before all this came to light… an ever so convenient Cabinet shuffle removed AG Jody Wilson from her post to another cabinet position. In the end Justin Trudeau kicked both Jody Wilson and Jane Philpott (two good and decent public servants) out of the Liberal Party of Canada for daring to embarrass him by putting their country before their party.


Dressed Up In Blackface

Before he became a politician Trudeau dressed up in brown face at a fancy dress party for work, dressed up in blackface and an afro wig at high school, and then when it became public he blamed it on his privilege instead of acknowledging it was the first of many acts of stupidity on his behalf. Do I need to explain why this is fucked up?


Trampled All Over Native Rights Repeatedly

While campaigning to become prime minister, Trudeau said on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network that “no [would] mean no” when Indigenous communities reject development initiatives on their territories.

At Muskrat Falls in Labrador, for instance, construction of Nalcor Energy’s mega-dam on unceded Innu and Inuit territory has almost been completed, despite sustained Indigenous (as well as allied non-Indigenous) opposition. The dam threatens to produce mass flooding, and to poison the waters Indigenous communities depend on for food with neurotoxic methylmercury, according to a study from Harvard University. But instead of arresting the potential environmental catastrophe, Canada has arrested the Indigenous land and water protectors, including elders, who are non-violently resisting it.

In 2016, the Liberal government issued permits for the Site C hydroelectric dam in northeastern British Columbia — even though the government’s own environmental assessment found that it would result in “severe, permanent, and irreversible harm to a unique ecosystem on which the Dunne-za and Cree peoples depend to exercise their constitutionally protected Treaty rights,” in the words of Amnesty International.

The federal Liberals have also thrown themselves staunchly behind Kinder Morgan’s expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, the approval process for which was so flawed that Trudeau promised during the 2015 election campaign to completely redo it — but didn’t. Instead, as an investigation by the National Observer revealed, public servants were instructed in 2016 to “give cabinet a legally sound basis for saying ‘yes’ to the Trans Mountain Project” — even while consultations with Indigenous communities affected by the project were ostensibly ongoing.


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