Proud to be British

Every once in a while I’m reminded of how excellent British people are.   I was reading the news and saw that a group of four Royal Marines were on patrol clearing a compound when the lead Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher activated a trip wire with a live grenade.   He threw himself on the grenade using his backpack to keep the grenade contained against the ground, absorbing the impact and saving the lives of all four of them.   He’s due to be awarded the George Cross by the Queen later this year.   An excerpt…

In February 2008 L/Cpl Croucher was at the head of a group of four Marines who encountered a live grenade while moving through a darkened compound in Helmand Province. Once he realised that the tripwire for the device had been pulled, he knew that he had to act quickly to ensure the safety of the other Marines present.
L/Cpl Croucher acted on his instincts and threw himself beside the grenade, pinning it between his day sack and the ground to absorb the explosion. Miraculously the force of the impact was contained, his equipment and protective clothing preventing any lethal shards from hitting his body. He suffered only minor injury and disorientation.

Check out the full story on the Ministry of Defence website…

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