Photoshop vs Paintshop Pro

A client at work bought Adobe CS3 Design Premium at USD$2,050.86. Exactly thirty days later they had to get a refund because they simply didn’t need the raw power and control that CS3 brings. It was a shame coz I got to play with it for about two hours and I loved the fucking thing. Once my home based business of blogging takes off sometime in the next 20 years I’m going to buy it (or its successor).There’s a coupla things I don’t like about Photoshop that I love about Paintshop Pro. Paintshop Pro has far better and developed support for vector graphics. I don’t want to have to open up another program although Mikey doesn’t seem to see the problem with that.

I also love the foreground-background feature in Paintshop. You can draw a shape, or a line or anything at all and put a gradient as the background color and it will put the gradient as a border around whatever shape you’re using.

I love the rounded corner selection that Paintshop has, and lastly I love that you can do a right-click paste and have whatever’s in your clipboard open a new blank canvas and be pasted into it. In Photoshop you have to create the canvas first and then paste which bothers me.

I haven’t use Paintshop Pro in about six months now, but I still stand by my previous observations that with practice and skill, there’s almost nothing that Photoshop can do that Paintshop Pro can’t. I do wish Photoshop had support for opening Paintshop Pro images… you’d think they’d do that to poach more users.

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