Observations on Forum Regulars

There’s a small core group of people on a support forum I frequent whose attitude when it comes to disputes or difficult discussions I despise.   I get into heated debates a lot on the forum… and a lot of it comes mainly from some of the flunkies on the forum who like to ridicule and insult other forum members who choose to voice their negative opinions about Hostgator in a way that person wouldn’t.

gwyneth – she often has very useful information to give people who need help, but when it comes to the Off Topic forum, it’s as if she has her nose in the air when she encounters an opinion of mine that opposes hers or I’m on the opposite side of a talk/discussion/debate.   I do so love it though when she tries to tell me about British things just because she allegedly visits family in Scotland.

Serra – he used to be the most obnoxious person on the board, but mellowed a while back so is kinda alright.   Not been seen in a lil while – at least by me.

slapshotw – the almighty Gator Icon dude who also very frequently has great advice, but once in a while seems to get illusions of grandeur because of his ‘support leader’ icon.

Keith W – a fellow British person with a seemingly sycophantic attitude towards Yanks.   A very rude person who I invited to be rude to me in person and he tried to get sympathy for himself on the board saying I’d threatened him.   What a spineless weasel.

quietFinn – a Scandinavian twit who is without a doubt the most rude, and obnoxious weed on the entire forum.   He frequently ridicules people calling them idiots when they talk angrily about Hostgator in a way he doesn’t like.   He’s another person I would very much like to meet in person.

kmaw – one of the ones with an attitude problem sometimes.   Occasionally jumps in and backs up his buddies in the flunkie crew.

regentronique – he’s actually one of the good guys.   He got picked on in the past because English isn’t his first language, and so his grammar wasn’t 100%.   I haven’t yet seen him try and ridicule or insult someone on the forum yet, so he’s a good one in my books.

Goddess Dix – similar to gwyneth in that she sometimes acts snooty and backs up the flunkie crew.   Has used sarcasm in the past, albeit not very well though.

sam – an irritant with seemingly no mind of his own.   Blindly backs up the flunkie crew nearly all of the time.

Every forum has its flunkie crew.   Every single one on the internet.   The one on this support forum are just as bad as the one on a forum about powwows that I got banned from.

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