New Desk

I got a rather good ‘L’ shaped sectional glass topped desk.   My previous desk used to have tempered glass on the top which broke before I got the new one.   The boss got Pro Auto Glass to make a slab of glass to put on the top which worked quite well.

That is until it snapped in half yesterday freaking the hell out of me.   So for about half a day today I was working on the broken piece of glass.   I sliced my elbow which bled quite profusely.   It wasn’t that big a deal so there’ll be no compensation claim to Rob’s worker insurance.   He put two layers of duct tape over the crack and we went to the store to get a new desk.

We got into a little debate about where my computer monitor should be.   I can’t handle having it directly in front of me or where people can look over my shoulder and see my screen without me knowing first.   Eventually I got what I wanted.   Trying to impress upon my boss that I need to be happy in my job is hard.   I’m hoping I can stick it out.

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