National Geographic Breasts

After I posted my previous blog about the male obsession with tits, someone used the phrase ‘National Geographic Titties’… and so I did some internet research again.   I found a rather awesome site called ‘Amazon Indians’ which is created obviously from an anthropological point of view. So I decided to borrow a few photos to illustrate my point.
Chawa Wassa Matis during the Dance of Queixada.
Both of these girls are from the Matis Indians (not to be mixed up with the Matsés) who are a small group of panoan-speaking native Amazonians who live in the Javari (Yavarí) Valley in Brazil. Only about 300 of them have survived to the present date, the majority disappearing in the early 1980’s, sacrificed to the consequences of their encounter with modern civilization.

Matis mothers develop a special relationship with their children, particularly their male offspring.  This special mother-son bond has been documented by anthropologists studying closely related tribes such as the Matsés Indians.  During their first years, male offspring are constant companions of their mothers.

The picture above of eighteen year old Chawa Wassa Matis with son Tumi pretty much proves my point.   Men are naturally obsessed with breasts because it signifies child rearing capability.

The first image that comes to mind when I see a naked indigenous women is of a baby sucking happily away.   These pictures reinforce that line of thought. So once again ladies… don’t hate us when we stare at your breasts.   It’s basically that we’re honouring you with the thought you’re worthy to bear our children 😉

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  1. Scribe_rules says:

    Well that’s still quite offensive if your husband/boyfriend looks at other women’s breasts in that way, as it must mean they deem other women worthy of bearing their children.  

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