My Ribs Hurt

I had the privilege of a short course on unarmed combat, after which some sparring ensued.  I was in the guard of a buddy I was sparring with.  I stood up and was about to slam him down on the mat, but then realised that might be a bit beyond the scope of sparring, so as I was coming down I rolled to my right and a touch less forcefully slammed my opponent to the mat.

My ribs crashed down hard either on my elbow or his knee because the next morning I got up, dressed ready to go to work and the pain was so severe I had to go hospital for pain meds.  I waited for nearly five hours to be seen and in the end I just left and got pain meds elsewhere.

I tried to go to the gym about an hour ago and had to leave early too because my ribs were hurting too much.  Luckily I’m pretty certain it’s just severe bruising and no fractures or broken bones.  FML

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  1. Justreal says:

     fickle things those ribs huh..? lol! nah seriously glad u aint got nothing more major-although how u’d actually know they aint fractured… is beyond me… next time stay yr impatient ass in the hospital & be sure! hmmm… trust u all good now?

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