My Birthday and My Life

Today was my birthday… I’m 28. I know it sounds cheesy but I’m a really young 28. I still listen to Disney songs in my car… I still love playing computer games… and boy oh boy… my greatest passion in life is music. Let’s talk about music.

After having a really shitty day of arguing, fighting and shouting with the mother of my children I can sit down and listen to music and it can just lift me up. Certain songs have a power over me that can just change my mood instantly. Sam Cooke’s ‘Twisting the Night Away’ is one… I recently was given a song called ‘Greatest Wonder’… now that’s a song with the ability to lift the gloom so to speak. ‘Living Proof’ by Kelis… ‘Together Again’ by Janet Jackson… are all tunes to listen to if you need a bit of happiness.

‘Where You Are’ by Rahsaan Paterson used to be a feel good song for me… but now makes me sad every time I hear it because it was played at mom’s funeral. ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey reminds me of my hero… my sister. ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ by Queen reminds me of my mom and the good times.

When I get to talking about music, I always wonder if I’m sounding like a bit of a weirdo because I love it so much. I always wonder if people have quite the same feeling about music that I do.

Anyways… today was my birthday and it was really really crappy. The last five have been crappy. I just wanted to be able to chill out and take things easily but I got bitched out in a HUGE way because I offered to drive my boss to get his boat fixed. He took me out for dinner after that and I got bitched out for that.

Music is the key to this rather idiotic state of glum I’m in.

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