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Last week I was searching Wikipedia for something, which I cannot recall presently, and I came across one of a series of pages on British music in the 90’s.   So obviously the next logical step would be to spend five days and nights scouring Limewire for all those songs that struck a chord way back from 1990 onwards.

I’ve started a post series about it, so you can view some of the music I listen to entitled ‘‘.

I recently hit 96,000km on my Toyota Matrix and so had to get an oil change.   They also inspected the fuel system, replaced the air filter, engine coolant, transmission fluid, differential fluid, transfer case fluid, and cabin air filter.   That all cost $371.   Upon inspection they also found that my front rotors were COMPLETELY   rusted and had grooves in them, and my front brake pads were worn down 95% and so I had to spend another $374 getting those replaced.   I don’t mind, because my car is one of my babies so I have to take good care of it… I just wish it was cheaper hahahaha.   Turns out I can’t buy a new 2009 Toyota Matrix XR AWD because I can’t prove what I earn – it’s too early to do a tax return and bank statements showing deposits aren’t admissible.   That sucks.

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