Mixed race people are the bomb

You know that being mixed race myself naturally I’m going to say folks who are racial cocktails like myself are awesome.   But I figured I’d post a few pictures of awesome looking people who are mixed race.   I’ll post a few blokes just to be fair.

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  1. smartperson says:

    vannessa williams isn’t mixed

  2. hector jimenez says:

    vanessa williams is mixed a black woman wont get her type of hair skin tone and blue eyes from being only black lol

  3. Tie says:

    I must agree with Hector… Of course Vanessa Williams is “mixed”. She certainly isn’t “black” although in the US she will definitely be lumped into that category.
    Interesting how the one drop rule is in the US, and in other countries the one drop rule is the opposite – if you have one drop of white blood in you then you are no longer black, but at least mixed. The DR is a prime example of this.
    It would be nice if we could just all get along and if we have to lable people, to at least lable them correctly. If you are “mixed” you likely are much better off in many ways than a pure-bred… science has proven that over and over… and I haven’t even mentioned the good looks!

  4. nique says:

    These people are black, they may have a different colored parents. but if you have any black any you(black is dominant) than you are considered black. cause wite people damn sure aint goin to claim you. and what do they call obama “first black president” not first “mixed” president.

  5. nina says:

    vanessa’s mother black vanessa’s father black= vanessa black

  6. anna may says:

    Tell Vanessa Williams that she’s mixed. You all who are saying she isn’t are sooo dumb. Both of her parents are black I guess you better break it to one of them that they are not.

  7. christa says:

    I googled if vanessa williams is mixed and she is not but I agree she does look like it.

  8. Ryan Paul says:

    Sorry, but you just don’t get blue eyes if you are 100% black.

  9. Gigi says:

    People let’s not forget that slavery did exist and at times female slaves were being raped by their masters. Therefore to a certain degree most African Americans that trace their roots back to America during the slave trade will be missed. That being said please do your research both Vanessa Williams’s parents are black. Her hair and eye color are recessive traits just like they are among whites. It was just the luck of the draw that she got them. For instance my uncle has blond hair and blue eyes yet both of his parents are black and neither of my grandparents are of mixed heritage. Though perhaps my-great-great-great grandmother was.

  10. guest says:

    Vanessa Williams is of mixed race. So I guess you need to do some research. Her parents are both mixed.

  11. GodAintreal says:

    There are dark skinned Africans with blue eyes… every creature on this planet evolved from the same genetic line it might be EXTREMELY rare but not IMPOSSIBLE

  12. Celena332 says:

    White skin and blue and green eyes are genetic mutations (God cleaning house).  This is scientifically proven!  Vanessa Williams is mixed but RACISM forced mixed race people to identify solely as black whereas the REST of the world (other than the U.S.) deems you mixed if you have black + other in you!  The medium brown color (Samantha Mumba) is mixed too.  Present-day Africans are waaaay darker than even her!  Everyone is mixed.  Race was created by whites to confuse the planet!  Peace!

  13. okaythen says:

    “According to DNA tests, Vanessa is of African American, Welsh, and Native American descent” thank you wiki

  14. todd.sherise says:

    Biologically a person with a white parent and a black parent are biracial biologically speaking that is. Society thinks of them as black and they may be legally classified as black but physically they are both regardless. As far as white people not excepting them, nobody is saying that these people are white, what people are saying is that on a biological level President Obama is mixed regardless of how people think of him or regardless of how he is legally classified. You cannot mix two races together and biologically come out with just one.

  15. todd.sherise says:

    What you googled may have been written before Vanessa Williams took that DNA test that showed she is about 40 percent European or maybe the person who wrote what you googled did not have the up to date accurate info even if it was written after the DNA test that person writing what you read may not have accurate info. Vanessa Williams had one of those DNA tests to trace your ancestry and it showed that she is about 40 percent white.

  16. todd.sherise says:

    Vanessa Williams took an ancestry DNA test that showed that she is 40 percent white.

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