Memories of Mosney

I spent a good deal of my formative years in a children’s home in Middlesex, England called More House.

Each year Father McCabe would send the boys from More House on holidays for two weeks. The older boys would go to a holiday resort called ‘Mosney’ in Ireland. The younger boys would be sent to different places in England like Butlins or to stay in a village called Billinge in Wigan not far from St Helens (that’s how I ended up going to the boarding school). All the younger children wanted to go to Mosney (which no longer exists). Eventually I was allowed to go. I ended up going twice. They were two of the best holidays I ever had. Two of the staff ‘Tony and Lorraine’ were from Drogheda and knew a trio of girls we used to hang around with. Andrea and Carolyn Clarke were sisters and Sarah Kilpatrick was their best friend. From the start I had a HUGE crush on Andrea. She was blonde and just gorgeous. I think for a while I actually fell in love with her which in retrospect seems pretty pathetic, but at the time of our lives all me and my buddies gave a damn about in life was girls. Pretty much all my waking time was spent thinking about and trying to get girls so maybe its not so pathetic that falling in love came so easily.

I do remember at Mosney I made out with this one bird who smoked. Her kissing skills I can still remember to this day, mainly because she was one of the best I’ve ever kissed, but also because she wouldn’t let me grope her sexual area hahahahaha! The gross thing was that she literally tasted like an ashtray – it was GROSS! I put up with it because she kissed so good but after that I promised myself no more.

Ahhh the joy of memories. Have no doubt that more memories will be penned in digital form right here.

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