Meeting up with Susie

For the first time in more than a few years I finally met up with my friend Susie today.   She called me at about 8am and said I should come all the way from Sydenham to Isleworth train station by 11am so she could pick up her son Kai.

Yesterday I went to Brentford on the 237 bus, where I got the 267 to Isleworth’s Ivybridge Estate (housing project).   I went up the block of apartments and was knocking on the wrong door – when I finally realised that I went downstairs to the right one, but no-one answered.   I saw through the mailbox the apartment was empty and Susie’s former neighbour said that she had moved out a week ago, but her son went to the school on Ivybridge.

I went there and left a message at the school, and then went to the Ivybridge Cafà © where I ordered an all-day breakfast.   Some of the chicks in the Cafà © knew who she was and so one of them walked around the estate with me which turned out to be the wrong one.

Anyway… today Susie called me and so I got the train to Clapham Junction, where I changed and went to Isleworth.   I then walked down St John’s Road where Susie picked me up.

I walked past the Vicarage and stopped for a moment, where more than a few awesome memories came flooding back.   It was almost painful… as I sometimes dearly wish for recent times to be like those days.

We spent the day mainly hanging out… driving around doing nothing much at all.   Got to see her brother Tommy briefly.   He hasn’t changed much… neither has Susie.

To top that… I spoke to my best friend (Mandy).   She doesn’t seem to be mad at me anymore which is a good thing.   She’s going through a rough time right now… I wish I could help her.

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