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A while back I was watching APTN and seen this woman called Suzette Amaya talking about her experiences. Cut a long story short she was violated as a youth, testified against the guy and now is successfully doing her own thing as a wife, mother of two, photographer and a radio host. The radio show is called ThinkNDN and you can check that out @ and listen to it online at Figured I could help out by registering the domain name for them, and by hosting them at The site is brand new, and was designed by a guy called Greg Pierre.

For work I’ve been trying to get details on online payments directly through a bank. Toronto Dominion told me to talk to the local branch manager which is plenty fine. CIBC are a bunch of silly fools (as a whole). Keep directing me to this Global Payments company crap. I can’t believe that a billion dollar bank such as CIBC doesn’t have any of their own systems for their customers who want to accept payments online. No wonder TD is larger than they are. I still haven’t forgotten that CIBC wouldn’t give me a loan, but TD would. As a result I hardly ever bank at CIBC anymore.

My woman’s getting all stressed out and pissed off that I want to go out on Saturday nights with my boss. She seems to think that because when she was single and went to the bar to hook up with single guys that I’m going to do that with some chick. Her bullshit is more than enough to make celibacy seem awesome, let alone pick up some drunken whore in a bar, take her home and bang her. It just ain’t me. Proudly I can say I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life.

Nico’s birthday is tomorrow. Gonna have a lil’ shindig at the Community Center. More on that later.

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