Kenora is Gossip Central and it sucks!

I just got back from Lakewood School Playground with the kids on their bikes.   On the way into the school grounds I met a former friend.   The bullshit she was talking just confirmed the shattering of a near perfect illusion I held for nearly two years; and on top of that it pissed me off.

The lady in question works with underage delinquent criminals – most of who need a good beating.   They’re basically a bunch of shits.   Anyways – I usually give many different people rides regardless of who they are.   Some of those have been underage delinquent little bitches who have since gone back to Creighton Youth and in the course of her job told her I gave them rides.

So this former friend who I am now full of contempt for has interpreted that into meaning I hang out with underage girls which is simply a falsehood.   People can speculate and gossip all they like but that won’t make it true.   I told her I don’t hang out with underage people but this stupid cow is taking the word of an underage deliquent little bitch over the word of a responsible mature adult.   More fool her!

I told the former friend to call me and say hi once in a while and she proceeded to say some shit about we have nothing in common, and the position she is in at work means she cannot associate with me or something to that effect.   I wasn’t asking the silly cow to date. Too bad she couldn’t be mature enough to look past the gossip.

If her nose was any higher in the air it would have snow on it.   Stuck up cows are something I’ve never been able to handle!   Kenora sucks!

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  1. P.B says:

    LOL …..KENORA!! The lake is cool tho.

  2. Sam-tin-Hawt says:

    If you hate Kenora so much then FUCKING LEAVE!!! LOOK around Fool everywhere u go there’s gonna be gossip. besides the only real person who really needs a good beating is YOU!!! ur the one who thinks your all that but your not!!! your just a British asshole who was brought up in a FUCKED UP childhood!!! FYI Just LEAVE!!! fucking British asshole

  3. Ryan Paul says:

    Why don’t you come and make me, you fucking moron?

    If your dumbass has a problem with what I say then why the fuck are you reading my blog?

  4. Blondkidd says:

    Yes! Kenoras awesome you prick , a lot better then winnapig or Toronto
    You can actually walk around without getting stabbed and we have the best fishing

  5. Anonymous says:

    It depends on what side of the argument you’re looking from. If you’re brown and have been racially abused then I’m not sure you’d think Kenora’s awesome.

    Best fishing probably, but there’s a lot of things that go on in Kenora that do not happen in Toronto or Winnipeg.

  6. Justreal says:

    Hey Sam-Thick-Ass… FYI if you’re going to call someone a ‘fool’ perhaps next time you could do so without 7th grade incorrect grammar … as in ‘ you’re all that..’ or ‘you’re just a …’ it would really help when considering the validity of your comments if you didn’t present as the ‘FOOL’ you seek to classify others as..
    P.s – Ermm… ‘ who was brought up in a Fucked Up Childhood’ really would have carried more weight if you actually knew how to correctly phrase your insults… Who the FUCK writes SHIT English like that other than some trailer trash – never been anywhere- Kenoran- Hick-envious -ASSHOLE!!!

  7. Really Pissed off. says:

    Kenora HA! What a Shithole Backwater Fucking Joke. When the O.P.P can just Pull Over anyone for NO reason On the Only way through. Then Search your car, Steal your money, Put you in Jail.
    It’s like a Hijacking and Kidnapping, Just a Reminder to the Local Constable. Maybe he better read up on The Charter of Canadian rights, Sections 8. 9, 10. I also watched a Constable beat a Really drunk Native guy named Barry while in Police Cells at The O.P.P station. Then he turned to us to see if we thought it was FUNNY! Fucking Assholes. We will see what The Mayor thinks when i float a 25 Million dollar lawsuit agains the O.P.P The Town Of Kenora and The Little Prick amatuer Constable. I think his Ass will Pucker. Never Abuse a Native in front of a White Guy who is that Pissed off in a Jail cell. Oh your Gonna Pay, You Fuckers just watch…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Describe the Constable. What did he look like? What was his approximate age?

  9. Aguyon420 says:

    I know his name and what he looks like. Little fucker, Thinks hes a big man.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Are you a cop? Civilian worker at OPP? Member of the public?

  11. Aguyon420 says:

    Just a good ole Canadian Boy, that was trying to travel accross the Country Freely as stated in my rights!

  12. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like one or two Kenora cops. Can u at least tell me what
    color hair he had?

  13. Aguyon420 says:

    As I have a case pending. can we go private before i spill any beans?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just tried to email you but it was rejected.

  15. Aguyon420 says:

    got a private one for you i will send you a mail from my real one..

  16. Sky Megwun says:

    Jeez, you all sound like a bunch of neanderthals. Kenora is like anywhere else with its racism and cop assholes, but not all of them should be classified int0 on group of assholes. Just as indigenous peoples should not be classifies as all in one group. We are different from time and place. Not all cops are assholes, but they do protect one another when the going gets rough. I do feel for people who get beaten up, or abused, or killed by some of them because it does happen, and it sicken me that this happens.

    P.S Ryan I do not like to gossip but I do have a truthful answer to Kenora’s gossip about something that might be of interest to you.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I would love to hear it if you would email me, please? Just click on Contact at the top of the page. Thanks 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    Theresa – you’re simply sad. Get a life – for real. Before your gossip on Dalles comes back to bite you in the ass.

  19. Rustysinclare says:

    no one cares what you think

  20. Anonymous says:

    But you care enough to comment.

  21. Frenchrevolution2009 says:

    Kenora is a shitty place until you learn how to live here. Americans and tobans over-fish and hunt so everyone here hates outsiders. Come for the summer spend your money then get the fuck out if you dont know how shit works around here, cause this town will eat your ass alive.

  22. Juggalette says:

    Kenora sucks I wish I could move but nobody will let me because I have kids  fuck thunder bay is better I could find a 5 bedroom apt for 750 with utilities included food is rising in kenora and it’s no place for the young or people who have family’s so you FUCKIN MEATHEADS open your eyes.people JUST Gossip in town. and try to break my family up. well I could go on and on but ya KENORA SUCKS 

  23. The Joker says:

     This town needs an enema!

  24. i hate kenora says:

    Which is why IT SUCKS
    Bunch of pricks there, no one is nice.

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